Special Offer - 1% Listing Fee

Provident Real Estate Services is offering a special limited time offer. As we look ahead to 2018, we see a continuing strong market for real estate sales. The early Spring and Summer look to be especially good markets for selling. So if you're looking to sell your home in 2018, we think you'll be in great shape!

We would like to list more homes for sale in 95118 than any other brokerage in 2018. That's a big goal! How can we do that? Well, one of the ways any business can increase sales is by offering outstanding pricing. So, we're offering home sellers an outstanding price on selling their home. A deal they can't refuse.

If you own a home in the 95118 zip code and you are looking to sell in 2018, we have a fantastic deal for you! We would like to offer you our full brokerage services in selling your house, for the low listing fee of 1%.

This low 1% Listing Fee will enable homeOne Percent Listing Fee owners to list their home with a full service, experienced broker and sell for top dollar. This low 1% Listing Fee will put thousands ($$$) of dollars more in your pocket.

By California State Law, ALL real estate commissions are negotiable. You'll actually find that printed directly on the front page of your listing agreement. That being said, it has been long standing custom and practice that the normal cost of commissions for selling a home would be six percent (6%) of the selling price. So, if your home sells for $1,000,000 then, under the traditional model, it would cost you six percent of that selling price in real estate commissions. In a standard transaction, that adds up to about $60,000 being paid to the two agents who were involved in the transaction. That's a lot of money! We give you all the benefits of working with a first class brokerage and we save you a lot of money!

  • Full Service Brokerage - Included!
  • Full MLS Exposure - Included!
  • Full Online Syndication - Included!
  • FREE Home Valuation Comparative Market Analysis - Included!
  • FREE Professional Photography - Included!
  • FREE Virtual Tour - Included!
There are additional costs of selling a home (other than realtors' commissions) that usually amount to about one and a half percent (1 1/2%) of the selling price. These include items like property inspections, termite inspections, property taxes, transfer fees, title insurance, and general closing cost expenses. So in total, if we include these additional costs with the commonly charged real estate commissions of six percent, a seller could be looking at a cost of seven and a half (7 1/2%) for selling their home.

Now, you'll probably still need to pay a cooperating commission to the buyer's agent. This is commonly about two and a half percent (2 1/2%)  And there will still the addtional closing costs mentioned above. What we are offering you is that instead of paying us our standard listing fee of three percent (3%), we will list your home for only one percent (1%) of the selling price. With our highly discounted listing fee of one percent and offering out two and a half percent, that brings your total real estate commissions to about three and a half percent (3 1/2%) of the selling price. Compare that to the "standard commission" of six percent! This will allow you to keep thousands of dollars in your pocket.
Commissions Graph
We charge a 1% Listing Fee and we recommend that you offer 2 1/2% to the broker who represents the buyer. That makes for a total for realtor commissions of 3 1/2% of the selling price. Saving you literally thousands of dollars when compared to the traditional 6% commission structure typically charged by the big box companies.

This is an outstanding offer! We hope you'll take advantage of it. If you have any questions, please give me a call. I would love to talk with you about listing your home. Please call me directly at (408) 295-9100.  If I can't take your call immediately, please leave me your name, phone number and a detailed Outstanding Offer Red House Manmessage including your home address. The more information I have about your situation and the questions you have, the better prepared I can be when I return your call. I look foward to working with you.

  • Work Directly with Broker (not a sales agent)
  • Dedicated and Experienced
  • One Percent Listing Fee
  • Limited Time Offer
  • 95118 Zip Code
The big box brokerages are going to have a fit over this! They're going to have all kinds of things to say about our offer.

Here are a few of the things other agents might say...

They're going to tell you...that you'll be getting a part-timer, who doesn't know what he's doing.

NOT TRUE! You're going to be working with a professional, full-time, dedicated, and highly experienced broker...me...John Bowen. Local boy, raised in the Cambrian Park area of San Jose. Graduate of Leigh High School. Associate of Arts degree from West Valley College, Bachelors degree from UC Berkeley and Masters degree from Princeton. Home owner in the 95118 zip code for the past 15 years. Full time Realtor for seventeen years; beginning with Century 21, founding member of Intero, and broker/owner of Provident Real Estate Services since 2008. Not new to the game. Not a part-timer.

They're going to tell you...that you'll be working with a novice who doesn't know what they're doing.

You're going to be working directly with me, a broker with over eighteen years of experience. That's right! The Broker. Not a sales agent. Not an assistant. Not some young kid who looks like he just got out of high school (unfortunately).

They're going to tell you...that the person offering you this great deal must not be a very good negotiator if they can't even negotiate for themselves the "normal commission". 

I'm not negotiating with you. I haven't even met you yet. I'm simply making you an outrageously great offer. Don't let them trick you into a 6% commisson by claiming they're a great negotiator. They're just used to being overpaid and they seem to think they deserve it.Dollars House in Balance I'm going to work hard for you, earning every last cent.

They might tell you...that your listing won't be advertised on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) like theirs is, or not shown on the internet the way they do.

NONSENSE! We're members of the same MLS and have been for years. Your listing is going to get OUTSTANDING exposure to the market. Through the MLS and beyond, through its many syndication partnerships. Everywhere!

They might tell you...that they can get you more money for the sale of your house.

NONSENSE! What determines the value of your house? Surprise! It's not your Realtor. It's not the color of my car. It's not the suit I wear. It's not the car I drive. It's not the color of my logo or the location of my office. It's none of these superfluous things. In a fair and open market, where there is an even exchange of information and all players are equally well informed, it is the market that will determine the value of your home. Now...I will be working closely with you as we are looking at comparable sales and comparing the particular amenities of your property. You'll have an excellent idea of what the market is going to tell you about the value of your house. But...it's not your agent or his broker that makes your house valuable.

Yeah! You're going to hear all kinds of things from other agents.

In fact, we expect to catch a lot of flack throughout the Realtor community, for making this great offer. But hey, supposedly that's one of the primarly purposes of a free market. It creates competition. In general, competitive markets have a tendency to benefit the consumer. And this one certainly does! So, get signed up today to take advantage of the benefits for you.

Please call me directly at (408) 295-9100I'm looking forward to working with you. If you don't reach me immediately, please leave your name, number, home address and any questions you may have. I'll call you right back, as soon as I get your message.

We look foward to working with you!


John Bowen 

Provident Real Estate Services
(408) 295-9100

* This is a limited time offer. Not available in all areas. The 1% Listing Fee does not apply to short sales, foreclosures or other distressed properties. All terms are subject to the approval of the broker. Not all properties will qualify for this deal. If your house is listed with another broker...we're sorry. If your house is listed for sale by another broker, this offer is not meant as a solicitation.